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Welcome BuyBoard Members!

We are very proud to have been awarded both the

BuyBoard Contract for Live and Online Auctions


ESC Region 2 Goodbuy for Auctions

both start September 1, 2017

We know that you have a choice and we want you to choose AMT Auction Marketing for all your auctions. And here’s why:

-Experience, Yes we got Experience!

-Live Auctions, Yes we do it!

-Online Auctions, Yes we do that also, experts in fact!

What makes us…. is our determination to be here, to do everything we can to provide that full auction experience for our clients AND buyers!

We market your auctions on all different levels of life. We utilize many facets of advertising for each auction, bringing buyers to your auctions.

Professional, Fast and Friendly.


My personal promise is to provide our best  for your best!


Felix Barreras #17102

Contact us at or call (210) 376-9267

BuyBoard Proposal No. 541-17, Auction