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  1. Corpus Christi City Police Impound Auction

5485 Greenwood Drive Corpus Christi TX 78417

Every 1st Saturday of the Month, rain or shine, AMT Auction Marketing will be conducting the abandoned vehicle auction for the City of Corpus Christi Police Impound

This auction may consist of police impounded autos, trucks, suv, RVs. trailers, motorcycles, boats and personal property

**Inventory is subject to change as releases happen during the month prior to the auction

STARTS:  August 3rd, 2019   10:00 am
PREVIEW and Pre-Registration: Augusts 2nd,  2019

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Early Registration is highly recommended

We open at 8:00 am for Registration on Auction Day




 August 3, 2019

KL1TD56687B133783 1904238 7 CHEV 4D  KEYS
  SILVER   AVE    
4T1BF32K95U100455 1904346 5 TOYT 4D  KEYS
  MAROON   CAM    
1FMZU63E82ZA62598 1904457 2 FORD LL KEYS
  WHITE   EPR    
1J4FX58S0TC249243 1904653 96 JEEP LL KEYS
  WHITE   GCH    
1FMRU02173KE11588 1904682 3 FORD LL KEYS
  RED   SPE    
WBAET37423NJ41485 1904706 3 BMW 4D KNC
  GREEN   325    
1G1ND52T8X6124659 1904823 99 CHEV 4D KEYS
  BLUE   MAL    
JKAENVC139A215768 1904889 9 KAWK MC  
  RED   EN5    
YV1TS97D2X1052569 1904904 99 VOLV 4D KEYS
  BLUE   S80    
1NXAE04B6RZ187554 1905199 94 TOYT 4D KEYS
  GOLD   USC    
1G1JC52F447283695 1905393 4 CHEV 4D  
  SILVER   CAV    
KNADE163X86418243 1905573 8 KIA 4H RELEASED
  RED   5SX    
1GNEK13RXTJ408141 1905588 96 CHEV LL KEYS
  BLACK   KTA    
3FAFP07Z96R218981 1904535 6 FORD 4D KEYS
1FMZU35P1WUC93505 1904504 98 FORD LL KEYS
  BLACK   EPR    
1HGCM72705A000698 1904672 5 HOND 2D KEYS
  SILVER   ACC    
4A4MN31S224E068662 1904806 4 MITS LL KEYS
1HGCM72664A000744 1904843 4 HOND 2S KEYS
  SI.VER   ACC    
4S2DM58WXY4341037 1904816 0 ISU LL  
  BLACK   ROD    
JKAZX4P198A040327 1904915 8 KAWK MC KEYS
1G6CD1154J4282965 1904962 88 CADI 2D  
  WHITE   DFW    
1HGCM66845A062683 1905017 5 HOND 4D  
1FMCU0F71HUE46955 1905172 17 FORD LL  
  GREY   ESC    
1B3ES26C64D554592 1905370 4 DODG 4D KEYS
  WHITE   NEO    
1G1ZD5E71AF138054 1905494 10 CHEV 4D KEYS
  BLACK   MAL    
3GNEK13T22G113837 1902062 2 CHEV PK KEYS
  GOLD   AVA    
1GCEC19MXTE219936 1905546 96 CHEV PK KEYS
  GREEN   C15    
1G6KD57Y96U181366 1905568 6 CADI 4D RELEASED
  WHITE   TDS    
JH2RC4302RM003433 1904495 94 HOND MC  
  RED   MAG    
KMHDU46D57U077596 1904886 7 HYUN 4D  
  BLUE   GST    
KNAFE121455173308 1904963 5 KIA 4D KEYS
  GOLD   SLE    
1G8AM12F54Z181303 1905068 4 STRN 2T KEYS
  WHITE   ION    
1GCEC19T42Z132371 1905077 2 CHEV PK  
  BLUE   C15    
4S6CM58W1X4407421 1903574 99 HOND LL  
2GTEC19R1W1552222 1905223 98 GMC PK  
  WHITE   SIE    
3MEFM08166R637316 1905446 6 MERC 4D  
  GOLD   MIL    
4NUDS13S762703370 1905464 6 ISU LL KEYS
  SILVER   ASC    
JALB4B14217002012 1905625 1 ISU FB RELEASED
ZDM1XBMV0DB024105 1905009 13 DUCA MC  
1J4GW58N3YC114329 1902764 0 JEEP LL RELEASED
1D7HL12X53S366982 1905650 3 DODG PK RELEASED
  BLUE   DAK    
1G1AL58F687286384 1904364 8 CHEV 4D KEYS
  WHITE   BLT    
2G2WP552261128965 1904910 6 PONT 4D KEYS
  TAN   GRA    
3B7HF12Y8XG207025 1904994 99 DODG PK KEYS
  GREEN   RAM    
1GNCS13W2X2229234 1905004 99 CHEV LL KEYS
  RED   BZR    
1FTSW31F73EA47206 1904965 3 FORD PK  
  RED   SUP    
1G3NL12E7XC324017 1905078 99 OLDS CP  
  RED   AG    
1FAFP4045WF256761 1905131 98 FORD CP KEYS
  WHITE   MUS    
1FMEU64E86UA39547 1905211 6 FORD LL KEYS
  MAROON   EPR    
1GCEC14Z9SZ132121 1905278 95 CHEV PK  
1FMDU32P1TZA77599 1905335 96 FORD LL  
  WHITE   EXP    
1FMEU64E38UB10589 1905379 8 FORD LL KEYS
  BLACK   EXP    
1FTSX21Y95EB39946 1905409 5 FORD PK KEYS
  GREEN   F25    
1FAFP404X2F130194 1905509 2 FORD CP  
  BLACK   MUC    
5XXGM4A7XFG444080 1903726 15 KIA 4D  
  SILVER   OPT    
1P3ES46CXYD876071 1811099 0 PLYM 4D KEYS
  SILVER   NLX    
1G4HP52K25U151220 1905642 5 BUIC 4D  
  SILVER   LES    
1D7HL48X03S203763 1904383 3 DODG PK KEYS
  TAN/BLK   DAK    
1FMRU15W43LA94042 1904961 3 FORD LL  
  GOLD   EPT    
2T1BR32E05C432139 1905205 5 TOYT 4D RELEASED
5Y2SL67029Z419713 1905305 9 PONT 4H  
  GREY   VIB    
1FMRU15L3YLA77715 1905429 0 FORD LL  
  SILVER   EPT    
3FA6P0HR3DR226828 1905461 13 FORD 4D KEYS
  BLACK   FUS    
1N4BA41E55C821730 1904665 5 NISS 4D  
  WHITE   MAX    
1G1AM18B967857110 1903703 6 CHEV 2D  
2S3DB317476114417 1808634 7 SUZI LL KEYS
  MAROON   XL7    
1D4HB38N86F137646 1905617 6 DODG LL  
  RED   DUR    
1GNEC13V55R101958 1904325 5 CHEV LL KEYS
  GREY   CTA    
JHMGD38648S046460 1904245 8 HOND 4H  KEYS
  BLUE   FIS    
1G3GR62C5T4121151 1904663 96 OLDS 4D KEYS
  RED   AUR    
1GNEC13T71R105003 1904318 1 CHEV LL KEYS
  GOLD   CTA    
JT4RN55R3F0130974 1904929 85 TOYT PK KEYS
1B7HC16X01S771164 1905266 1 DODG PK KEYS
3N1CB51D26L633569 1905258 6 NISS 4D KEYS
  BLUE   S18    
2G4WB55K321100883 1905399 2 BUIC 4D KEYS
  WHITE   REG    
1HGEJ814XXL033570 1905517 99 HOND CP  
  WHITE   UAX    
WVWLH63B61E007240 1905545 1   VW 4D  
  BLACK    PASS    
1FMRU17W23LA54460 1905541 3 FORD LL  
  RED   EPT    
2FMDA5146WBB48203 1905634 98 FORD VN KEYS
  RED   WIN    
2GCEC19W511247577 1905590 1 CHEV PK KEYS
  GREEN   SIL    
KL1TD52675B357632 1905644 5 CHEV 4D KEYS
  BLUE   AVE    
1GCEK19V81E277696 1904382 1 CHEV PK  KEYS
  BLUE   SIL    
4T1BG12K7TU917387 1904674 96 TOYT 4D KEYS
  WHITE   ULL    
1J8FT28WX7D401007 1905616 7 JEEP LL KEYS
  BLACK   PAT    
1FAHP3H25CL131794 1905070 12 FORD 4D KEYS
  BLACK   FOC    
3G5DB03E14S592839 1905866 4 BUIC LL KEYS
  WHITE   RZV    
3N1AB61E98L684866 1905081 8 NISS 4D  
  GREY   SL2    
2FMDK38C77BB17719 1905138 7 FORD LL RELEASED
  BLACK   EDG    
1MELM50U3VA622013 1905401 97 MERC 4D KEYS
  RED   SGS    
1LNHM82W03Y631338 1905453 3 LINC 4D KEYS
  GOLD   TOW    
3LNHM26T78R603507 1903242 8 LINC 4D KEYS
  WHITE   MKZ    
1FTNX21S1XEC92509 1905561 99 FORD PK KEYS
  GREEN   F25    
3HGCM56476G709846 1905641 6 HOND 4D KEYS
  GOLD   ULX    
1J4GL48K32W298881 1905629 2 JEEP LL KEYS
  RED   LIB    
1N6AD07U17C417473 1904315 7 NISS PK  
  BLACK   FRO    
1J4GK48K73W523923 1904389 3 JEEP LL KEYS
  BLUE   LIB    
1FTPX14514NA08574 1903305 4 FORD PK  
  BLUE   F15    
1C3CDZAB4CN211932 1904798 12 DODG 4D KEYS
  BLUE   AVN    
3FAHP07Z48R148351 1904953 8 FORD 4D  
  BLACK   FE    
KMHCN4AC6BU601712 1905245 11 HYUN 4D KEYS
  WHITE   ALS    
2GCEC13C381334807 1905284 8 CHEV PK  
KNDJD733635097848 1905249 3 KIA LL KEYS
  MAROON   SOR    
3GNFK16T81G129362 1905347 1 CHEV LL KEYS
  BLACK   SUB    
1LNHM81W64Y674603 1905623 4 LINC 4D KEYS
  GREEN   TOW    
1FMFU15537LA59136 1904503 7 FORD LL KEYS
  RED   EPT    
2G1WB55K179149487 1904780 7 CHEV 4D KEYS
  GREY   IPL    
1FADP3F22EL186658 1904859 14 FORD 4D RELEASED
  BLACK   FOC    
1HGCD5685VA172474 1904902 97 HOND 4D  
  GREEN   ACC    
2GTEC13V161302811 1904959 6 GMC PK  
  MAROON   SIE    
1N4AL11DX5C123044 1905027 5 NISS 4D KEYS
  SILVER   ASL    
5YFBURHEXGP376500 1904773 16 TOYT 4D KEYS
  SILVER   COR    
2A8GM68X47R253662 1904955 7 CHRY LL KEYS
  BLUE   PAC    
1J4GK58K43W608885 1905076 3 JEEP LL  
  BLACK   LIB    
2MELM75W1VX733527 1905547 97 MERC 4D  
  BLUE   MGL    
3D7MA486X3G751417 1904745 3 DODG PK RELEASED
1FAFP444XYF127086 1905569 0 FORD CV  
1FDEE14N5MHA73242 1904664 91 FORD MH KEYS
5TBET34114S455937 1904781 4 TOYT PK KNC
  GREY   TUN    
1G2ZH58N474227227 1904046 7 PONT 4D KEYS
  BLACK   G6    
4M2DU86W44ZJ04499 1904952 4 MERC UT KNC
  WHITE   MOU    
3VW2B7AJ0HM350401 1905039 17 VOLK 4D KNC
  BLACK   JET    
1FTWW31R48EB58363 1905072 8 FORD PK  
  SILVER   F15    
3GSCL33P78S573162 1903106 8 STRN LL  
  BLUE   VUE    
JA3AJ86E42U063115 1905200 2 MITS 4D KEYS
  YELLOW   LZR    
2HKRL18711H521030 1905229 1 HOND VN KEYS
  GREY   UDY    
5N1AA08A04N710731 1905475 4 NISS LL KEYS
  SILVER   PFI    
1G1JC52F937339628 1904237 3 CHEV  4D KEYS
  GOLD   CAV    
1J4FT28S5RL206312 1904354 94 JEEP 4D KEYS
  TEAL   CHER    
1LNHM87A54Y668190 1905587 4 LINC 4D KEYS
  BEIGE   TC    
1FAFP404X4F113656 1904592 4 FORD CP  
  SILVER   MUS    
1F9H849395A286046 1904868 5 PROS MC RELEASED
2G1WG5EKXB1112687 1904860 11 CHEV 4D  
1GNDV23177D126417 1904956 7 CHEV VN  
  WHITE   UPL    
WDBKK49F72F243210 1905274 2 MERZ RD  
  BLUE   SLK    
2T1BR30E85C556632 1905377 5 TOYT 4D KEYS
  SILVER   COR    
3FCMF53G5VJA08834 1905107 97 DAYB MH  
1ZVBP8AMXE5297371 1904001 14 FORD 2D KEYS
  RED   MUS    
1D7HL38N53S339928 1905728 3 DODG PK KEYS
  SILVER   DAK    
1GNFC16J27J166670 1905736 7 CHEV LL RELEASED
1FMDU32X3SZB71045 1905688 95 FORD LL RELEASED
  RED   EX    
5YFBU4EE2DP126462 1905738 13 TOYT 4D RELEASED
  BLACK   COR    
1G1ZE5E01CF111391 1903913 12 CHEV 4D  
  WHITE   MAL    
1FMRU15W61LB30228 1905671 1 FORD LL KEYS
  GOLD   EPT    


  Please see Online Auctions tab.
  Auction is Free to Attend and Open to the Public
Notes: By registration or bidding you agree unequivocally and without any exception, to all of terms and conditions, including announcements made prior to the auction. You must be 18 years old to register or attend the auction.

1. Payment must be made within 30 minutes of close of Auction. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! Nonpayment risk legal charges being filed against you.

 And you be will barred from all future auctions.

2. BUYER’S PREMIUM: 10% is in effect for all items. Example if you purchase an item for $100 add 10% or $10 for a total of $110.00 if sales tax applies then you add tax.


3. METHOD OF PAYMENT :  Cash and Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa Only) Money Orders and Local Checks must be made out to the City of Corpus Christi . A kind reminder, The City of Corpus Christi will file charges if you bounce your check and you will be prosecuted according to the Law.

All sales are final and Buyer hereby waives their rights to refunds or credit card chargeback’s.

A 8.25% Sales Tax is applied to all non titled items.

4. ONSITE INSPECTION DATES: Friday before the Auction 1:00 pm. – 4:00 pm And Saturday 8:00 am to 10:00am Auction Starts at 10:00 am. The description for each piece is believed to be accurate. However, Everything is sold as-is where-is, onsite inspection is HIGHLY recommended. AMT Auction Marketing does not make any warranties to condition, make, model, year, or descriptions . Buyer is solely responsible for judgment to any purchase made or not made. All winning bids are acceptance of these terms written and announced. Any Conditions are provide by the City of Corpus Christi and not deemed verified. Some items will bear the letters “R” and/or “K”  which is  “runs” or “keys” AMT Auction Marketing does not any guarantee or warranty these terms or descriptions. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inspect each item.

5. Sale Receipts/Titles Buyer will be given Auction Sales Receipt, to which, will be made out only to the registered Bidder, any changes must be done at registration time, tell the clerk,  and NOT AFTER the Auction. You have 20 days to register your purchase. If you lose your paperwork, a $25.00 FEE will apply to each lost item.

6. Removal of items Purchased: All purchases must be picked up by Monday 5PM after the auction.

Buyers are required to remove purchases within the allotted time. All purchases must be paid in full before items will be released from the premises. Buyer must provide their paid invoice and I. D. at time of pickup. AMT Auction Marketing does not guard your purchases, before, during or after the sale of the auction and is not responsible for theft of any item. This is your responsibility to watch and care for your purchase.

7. REPRESENTATIONS: All items are being sold As-Is with no warranty. Auctioneer shall not be responsible for any incorrect description, authenticity, genuineness of or defect in any lot, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. Auctioneer makes every effort to provide accurate information about the items being sold. Errors may occur, either written or verbal.  It is Buyers’ full responsibility to confirm the accuracy of items offered for sale.   INSPECTION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



8. ALL SALES ARE FINAL: A successful bid at auction, whether live or online, constitutes a legally binding contract of sale. All sales are final. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges.

9. FAILURE TO REMOVE PURCHASES: In the event items are not removed in the time frames allotted, the items purchased shall be deemed abandoned and Buyer will lose any right, title or interest Buyer may have acquired and the items shall revert to the City of Corpus Christi without notice to Buyer. The City of Corpus Christi reserves the right to, at its discretion, resell such property, either private or at public sale. Consider this your notice.

10. ACTS OF OTHERS: Persons in attendance during inspection, or removal of merchandise assume all risks of damage or loss to persons, property, or merchandise and shall exercise proper precautions at all times for the protection of persons and property and shall comply with all safety and health requirements as directed by Auctioneer. Neither Auctioneer, its sub-contractors, its agents, its employees or representatives shall be liable by reason of any defect in or about the condition of the premises on which the auction is held. Buyer specifically releases Auctioneer, its agents and representatives from all liability thereof.

11. AMT Auction Marketing is a licensed company and auctioneering service, were are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and operate under the State Issued Recover Fund.  Any Compliments or concerns may be contacted at

Department of Licensing and Regulation

PO Box 12157

Austin Texas 78711

12. INDEMNIFICATION: Buyer shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend Auctioneer, owners and building owners from and against any and all losses, damages, liabilities and claims, including attorney fees, costs and expenses arising out of based upon or resulting from: (1) failure to secure all safety equipment and to meet all applicable government safety standards in removing items purchased or used by Buyer, (2) failure to comply with safety instructions issued to Buyer from Auctioneer, (3) any act or omission of Auctioneer, owners, building owners or their respective agents, representatives or employees, relating to or affecting the items bid on or purchased by Buyer, (4) the claim of any third party claiming or challenging title to any items purchased by Buyer or claiming infringement of any proprietary interest, (5) the claim of any person resulting from Auctioneer offering for sale or selling the items purchased by Buyer, (6) any injury to Buyer or any other person or property of any type whatsoever caused during the inspection, dismantling, removing or transporting of items purchased by Buyer.

13. Errors: We reserve the sole right to settle any dispute or tie bids between bidders. In the event of an live/online error we reserve the sole right to cancel any winning bid.

14. Housekeeping. Please do not litter or leave trash on the grounds, there are trash bins located on the property for you.

15. Auction is conducted with a $125.00 per Vehicle Reserve.

16. We want you have a happy and enjoyable auction day. Thank you

Contact: AMT Auction Marketing Felix Barreras #17102

Phone: 210-376-9267



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