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  1. Corpus Christi City Police Impound Auction

5485 Greenwood Drive Corpus Christi TX 78417

Every 1st Saturday of the Month, rain or shine, AMT Auction Marketing will be conducting the abandoned vehicle auction for the City of Corpus Christi Police Impound

This auction may consist of police impounded autos, trucks, suv, RVs. trailers, motorcycles, boats and personal property

**Inventory is subject to change as releases happen during the month prior to the auction

STARTS:  July 6th, 2019   10:00 am
PREVIEW and Pre-Registration: July 5th,  2019

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Early Registration is highly recommended

We open at 8:00 am for Registration on Auction Day



Saturday, July 6, 2019          
Number Vehicle Identication Number Color Year Make Model NOTES
1 3C4FY48BX5T612118 1903702 5 CHRY 4D  KEYS
    WHITE   PTC    
2 JH4DC4469WS020337 1903864 98 ACUR 2H KEYS
    SILVER   IGS    
3 KNAGG4A86A5446533 1903785 10 KIA 4D KEYS
    BLACK   OPT    
4 5TENX22N07Z432989 1904033 7 TOYT PK KEYS
    WHITE   TAC    
5 1FTDF15Y2JNB31729 1904165 88 FORD PK  
    BLUE   F15    
6 1N6AD07U86C464255 1902635 6 NISS PK RELEASED
    SILVER   FRO    
7 5NPDH4AE0DH231887 1904192 13 HYUN 4D  
    WHITE   ELA    
8 3B7HC13Y8TG156725 1904232 96 DODG PK KEYS
    WHITE   RAM    
9 1G6KD57Y56U103022 1904371 6 CADI 4D KEYS
10 1GCEC19M1VE160858 1904379 97 CHEV PK  
    MAR/TAN   C15    
11 2B3KA43T79H639117 1904265 9 DODG 4D  
    WHITE   CHA    
12 1G4HP54K31U205356 1904524 1 BUIC 4D KEYS
    BLUE   LCF    
13 JHMGE8H42AC035949 1904533 10 HOND LL KEYS
    GREY   FIT    
14 5GAER13718J216683 1904548 8 BUIC LL KEYS
    BLACK   ENC    
15 3GCPCREC8GG335610 1904567 16 CHEV PK RELEASED
    SILVER   SIL    
16 1G1JC5SH6E4198670 1904604 14 CHEV 4D KEYS
    BLUE   SON    
17 2C3HD46R1YH112354 1903940 0 CHRY 4D KEYS
    GREY   CON    
18 3N1BC11E39L388277 1904689 9 NISS 4D KEYS
19 1G2NW52E93C184520 1903113 3 PONT 4D KEYS
    RED   GAM    
20 JS3TY92V954107925 1903238 5 SUZI LL KEYS
    GREY   XL7    
21 3N1CN7AP5EL821630 1903354 14 NISS 4D KEYS
    GREY   VRS    
22 1J4GW48S81C571448 1903486 1 JEEP LL KEYS
    RED   GRA    
23 1N4AA5AP6CC812003 1904420 12 NISS 4D  
    SILVER   MAX    
24 WDBLK70G83T138853 1904643 3 MERZ CV KEYS
25 3B7HC13Y4WG189578 1903520 98 DODG PK  KEYS
    GREEN   RAM    
26 1D7HE48K47S196000 1903533 7 DODG PK KEYS
    RED   DAK    
27 1HGEG855XNL069760 1903834 92 HOND 4D KEYS
    GREY   CIV    
28 2G1WL52M1T9312703 1903835 96 CHEV 4D KEYS
    BLUE   LUM    
29 1GBHC24U92E274682 1904054 2 CHEV PK KEYS
    WHITE   SIL    
30 1FMYU03133KA90373 1904144 3 FORD LL KEYS
    SILVER   SPE    
31 2GCEC19V3X1207188 1904102 99 CHEV PK  
    SILVER   C15    
32 1G8JU84F93Y566616 1902575 8 STRN 4D  
    BEIGE   L2    
33 JNKDA31A13T117451 1902756 3 INFI 4D  
    BLACK   I35    
34 JS3TY92V254100301 1904178 5 SUZI 4T KEYS
    SILVER   XL7    
35 3MEFM08196R639092 1902435 6 MERC 4D  
    BLACK   MPR    
36 3FA6P0K9XHR130452 1904089 17 FORD 4D 11F
    WHITE   FUS    
37 1FAHP3F21CL271621 1904605 12 FORD 4D RELEASED
    RED   FSE    
38 1G1ZB5ST4JF213174 1904633 18 CHEV 4D RELEASED
    BLACK   MAL    
39 YV4CY982671392970 1904676 7 VOLV LL  
    RED   XC9    
40 1G3GS64C234127846 1904431 3 OLDS 4D  
    WHITE   AU4    
41 2G1WF52E819263254 1903676 1 CHEV 4D KEYS
    SILVER   IMP    
42 1G6KD54Y5VU266577 1903129 97 CADI 4D KEYS
    GRY/MAR   DVL    
43 1FMYU60E61UC69731 1904036 1 FORD LL KEYS
    GREY   EPR    
44 4T1BF28B11U157373 1903035 1 TOYT 4D KEYS
    BGE   UVS    
45 1B4HR28Z0YF190587 1904228 0 DODG LL  
    RED   DUR    
46 3VWD17AJ2FM314931 1904311 15 VOLK 4D RELEASED
    RED   JET    
47 3N1CN7APXEK464502 1904512 14 NISS 4D RELEASED
    GREY   VER    
48 5XXGM4A75DG213830 1904677 13 KIA 4D  
    SILVER   OPT    
49 1N4AL21E89N506893 1904242 9 NISS 4D  
    BLACK   ALT    
50 1FTRF1768WKA37591 1903860 98 FORD PK RELEASED
    WHITE   F15    
51 1FTDF15Y6KNB16622 1903111 89 FORD PK  
    BLACK   F15    
52 WDDNG71XX8A223311 1903143 8 MERZ 4D  
    GREY   S5F    
53 1LNHM82W51Y659326 1903237 1 LINC 4D  KEYS
    SILVER   SIG    
54 3B7HC13YXXG156649 1903506 99 DODG PK  KEYS
    BLUE   RAM    
55 1LNFM97V7WY714606 1903846 98 LINC 4D  
    BLACK   CON    
56 1GCCS1441TK174212 1903809 96 CHEV PK  KEYS
    WHITE   S10    
57 1J4FT67S8RL120209 1903892 94 JEEP 2D  KEYS
    BLUE   CHE    
58 5N1AR1NN7AC623633 1903898 10 NISS LL PULLED
    WHITE   PTF    
59 2CNDL13F466075035 1904074 6 CHEV LL KEYS
    MAROON   EQU    
60 1G6DM57T060183642 1904266 6 CADI 4D KnC
    SILVER   CTS    
61 JTHBN30F530100341 1904302 3 LEXS 4D KEYS
    BLACK   L43    
62 KNAFU4A23B5432851 1904681 11 KIA 4D RELEASED
63 1GCGC24U9XE152242 1903960 99 CHEV PK KEYS
    BLUE   C25    
64 1C3EL56R65N584368 1904015 5 CHRY 4D KEYS
    BLUE   SEB    
65 2MEFM74W23X624716 1904050 3 MERC 4D  KEYS
    BROWN   GMG    
66 2G1WB5EK5A1211172 1904087 10 CHEV 4D  KEYS
67 1G6DM57N630138296 1903888 3 CADI 4D  
    BLACK   CT    
68 2HKRL18662H565193 1901222 2 HOND 4H  
69 1FAFP4042YF138203 1904321 0 FORD CP  KEYS
    WHITE   MUS    
70 JNKCA31A2YT108986 1904450 0 INFI 4D KEYS
    WHITE   I30    
71 1GNDS13S942205767 1904487 4 CHEV LL  KEYS
    SILVER   TRL    
72 2G1WF52E239164447 1904508 3 CHEV 4D RELEASED
    TAN   IMP    
73 5TDZT34A02S089569 1903664 2 TOYT LL  KEYS
74 1FAFP40421F181817 1903039 1 FORD 2D KEYS
75 1FAFP5523YA220323 1903370 0 FORD 4D  KEYS
    GREY   TSS    
76 1B7HA18Z62J111187 1903597 2 DODG PK  KEYS
    MAROON   RAM    
77 1FMYU22EXXUA24915 1903801 99 FORD LL  KEYS
    WHITE   EPR    
78 1FAFP4040YF256380 1903832 0 FORD 2D  
    RED   MUS    
79 1D7HA18K96J181524 1903928 6 DODG PK  KEYS
    GREY   RAM    
80 1FTCR10A0VPB35673 1904006 97 FORD PK  KEYS
    RED   RAN    
81 1HGCB727XPA007652 1904100 93 HOND CP  
    WHITE   AEX    
82 1G4CW54K044100369 1904118 4 BUIC 4D  KEYS
    WHITE   PKA    
83 1HGCG32582A027111 1904119 2 HOND CP KEYS
    SILVER   ACC    
84 3GTEK13C98G285607 1904187 8 GMC PK KEYS
    WHITE   SIE    
85 4A3AK34T36E016674 1904432 6 MITS 2H KEYS
    GREY   ECG    
86 1FAHP3FN2AW110989 1904566 10 FORD 4D KEYS
87 2C3KA63H67H683763 1904498 7 CHRY 4D  
88 1FAFP40624F179300 1903285 4 FORD CP KEYS
    GREY   MUS    
89 4F4ZR16V4XTM44326 1903575 99 MAZD PK  KEYS
    GREY   B30    
90 1FTDF15NXJNA95715 1903593 88 FORD PK  
    GREY   F15    
91 1G8AN12FX4Z186915 1903657 4 STRN 4D  KEYS
    RED   ION    
92 1FADP3F22DL196444 1903707 13 FORD 4D  
    SILVER   FSE    
93 4F4YR12U44TM01562 1903773 4 MAZD PK KEYS
    RED   B30    
94 5LMEU27R41LJ33864 1903934 1 LINC 4T  KEYS
    RED   NAV    
95 5NPEU46F07H273885 1903938 7 HYUN 4D  
    GREY   SLI    
96 4B3AG42G84E134071 1904513 4 DODG 2D  KEYS
    GREY   STR    
97 2D4FV48VX5H128576 1904162 5 DODG LL  
    SILVER   MGN    
98 1HGCM56307A021985 1904692 7 HOND 4D  KEYS
99 1N6ND11SXKC414031 1903131 89 NISS PK  KEYS
    RED   D21    
100 4S3BG6852X7619353 1903309 99 SUBA 4T KEYS
    SILVER   UVT    
101 1D4HD38N16F117538 1903407 6 DODG LL KEYS
    RED   DUR    
102 1G4HR54K6YU134481 1903467 0 BUIC 4D  KEYS
    WHITE   LES    
103 1B7HL2AX41S286121 1904058 1 DODG PK  KEYS
    SILVER   DAK    
104 3C4PDCBG0FT742702 1904475 15 DODG LL  KEYS
    GREY   JOU    
105 1FAFP44461F124756 1904602 1 FORD CV  KEYS
    YELLOW   MUS    
106 1FT8W3BT8HEB75881 1904613 17 FORD PK  RELEASED
    BLACK   F35    
107 2MEFM75W91X634171 1904624 1 MERC 4D  KEYS
    GOLD   MGL    
108 1N4BA41E35C854824 1903317 5 NISS 4D  KEYS
    BLACK   MEL    
109 1G1AD5F57A7235375 1903989 10 CHEV 4D  KEYS
    SILVER   BLT    
110 1GBEG25KXPF316945 1904227 93 CHEV LL KEYS
111 2GCEC19T621338655 1904216 2 CHEV PK KEYS
    TAN   SIL    
112 KNDJC733835062442 186032 3 KIA UT  
    WHITE   SOR    
113 3VWSF71K45M609240 1904593 5 VOLK 4D  KEYS
    BLUE   JET    
114 1FAHP25175G197362 1903811 5 FORD 4D  
    GREEN   FIV    
115 JYACJ01C32A025003 1904055 2 YAMA MC  
116 1FTNX20F11ED28663 1904084 1 FORD PK  
    SILVER   F25    
117 1FMRU176XXLA33376 1904168 99 FORD LL KEYS
118 WBABK6324SED17241 1904246 95 BMW 2D  
    GREEN   318    
119 1GTBS14Z6K8520483 1904397 89 GMC PK KEYS
    BLUE   SIE    
120 1D7HA18N33S143786 1904413 3 DODG PK  
    GOLD   R15    
121 SALTL19444A858855 1904438 4 LNDR LL  
    GREEN   4W    
122 3C4FY58BX3T510207 1901466 3 CHRY 4D  
    BLUE   PTC    
123 4T1BF12B1TU117820 1904748 96 TOYT 4D  
    WHITE   UVS    
124 1GCCS1441XK185295 1904704 99 CHEV PK  
    BROWN   S10    
125 4S2CK58V5T4315690 1904754 96 ISU LL  KEYS
126 1J4GL48K84W126722 1904709 4 JEEP LL  PULLED
    BLUE   LIB    
127 1G8AZ52F03Z111196 1904822 3 STRN 4D  
    BLACK   ION    
128 1GDEG25K1SF536376 1904854 95 GMC LL  KEYS
    WHITE   C25    


  Please see Online Auctions tab.
  Auction is Free to Attend and Open to the Public
Notes: By registration or bidding you agree unequivocally and without any exception, to all of terms and conditions, including announcements made prior to the auction. You must be 18 years old to register or attend the auction.

1. Payment must be made within 30 minutes of close of Auction. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! Nonpayment risk legal charges being filed against you.

 And you be will barred from all future auctions.

2. BUYER’S PREMIUM: 10% is in effect for all items. Example if you purchase an item for $100 add 10% or $10 for a total of $110.00 if sales tax applies then you add tax.


3. METHOD OF PAYMENT :  Cash and Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa Only) Money Orders and Local Checks must be made out to the City of Corpus Christi . A kind reminder, The City of Corpus Christi will file charges if you bounce your check and you will be prosecuted according to the Law.

All sales are final and Buyer hereby waives their rights to refunds or credit card chargeback’s.

A 8.25% Sales Tax is applied to all non titled items.

4. ONSITE INSPECTION DATES: Friday before the Auction 1:00 pm. – 4:00 pm And Saturday 8:00 am to 10:00am Auction Starts at 10:00 am. The description for each piece is believed to be accurate. However, Everything is sold as-is where-is, onsite inspection is HIGHLY recommended. AMT Auction Marketing does not make any warranties to condition, make, model, year, or descriptions . Buyer is solely responsible for judgment to any purchase made or not made. All winning bids are acceptance of these terms written and announced. Any Conditions are provide by the City of Corpus Christi and not deemed verified. Some items will bear the letters “R” and/or “K”  which is  “runs” or “keys” AMT Auction Marketing does not any guarantee or warranty these terms or descriptions. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inspect each item.

5. Sale Receipts/Titles Buyer will be given Auction Sales Receipt, to which, will be made out only to the registered Bidder, any changes must be done at registration time, tell the clerk,  and NOT AFTER the Auction. You have 20 days to register your purchase. If you lose your paperwork, a $25.00 FEE will apply to each lost item.

6. Removal of items Purchased: All purchases must be picked up by Monday 5PM after the auction.

Buyers are required to remove purchases within the allotted time. All purchases must be paid in full before items will be released from the premises. Buyer must provide their paid invoice and I. D. at time of pickup. AMT Auction Marketing does not guard your purchases, before, during or after the sale of the auction and is not responsible for theft of any item. This is your responsibility to watch and care for your purchase.

7. REPRESENTATIONS: All items are being sold As-Is with no warranty. Auctioneer shall not be responsible for any incorrect description, authenticity, genuineness of or defect in any lot, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. Auctioneer makes every effort to provide accurate information about the items being sold. Errors may occur, either written or verbal.  It is Buyers’ full responsibility to confirm the accuracy of items offered for sale.   INSPECTION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



8. ALL SALES ARE FINAL: A successful bid at auction, whether live or online, constitutes a legally binding contract of sale. All sales are final. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges.

9. FAILURE TO REMOVE PURCHASES: In the event items are not removed in the time frames allotted, the items purchased shall be deemed abandoned and Buyer will lose any right, title or interest Buyer may have acquired and the items shall revert to the City of Corpus Christi without notice to Buyer. The City of Corpus Christi reserves the right to, at its discretion, resell such property, either private or at public sale. Consider this your notice.

10. ACTS OF OTHERS: Persons in attendance during inspection, or removal of merchandise assume all risks of damage or loss to persons, property, or merchandise and shall exercise proper precautions at all times for the protection of persons and property and shall comply with all safety and health requirements as directed by Auctioneer. Neither Auctioneer, its sub-contractors, its agents, its employees or representatives shall be liable by reason of any defect in or about the condition of the premises on which the auction is held. Buyer specifically releases Auctioneer, its agents and representatives from all liability thereof.

11. AMT Auction Marketing is a licensed company and auctioneering service, were are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and operate under the State Issued Recover Fund.  Any Compliments or concerns may be contacted at

Department of Licensing and Regulation

PO Box 12157

Austin Texas 78711

12. INDEMNIFICATION: Buyer shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend Auctioneer, owners and building owners from and against any and all losses, damages, liabilities and claims, including attorney fees, costs and expenses arising out of based upon or resulting from: (1) failure to secure all safety equipment and to meet all applicable government safety standards in removing items purchased or used by Buyer, (2) failure to comply with safety instructions issued to Buyer from Auctioneer, (3) any act or omission of Auctioneer, owners, building owners or their respective agents, representatives or employees, relating to or affecting the items bid on or purchased by Buyer, (4) the claim of any third party claiming or challenging title to any items purchased by Buyer or claiming infringement of any proprietary interest, (5) the claim of any person resulting from Auctioneer offering for sale or selling the items purchased by Buyer, (6) any injury to Buyer or any other person or property of any type whatsoever caused during the inspection, dismantling, removing or transporting of items purchased by Buyer.

13. Errors: We reserve the sole right to settle any dispute or tie bids between bidders. In the event of an live/online error we reserve the sole right to cancel any winning bid.

14. Housekeeping. Please do not litter or leave trash on the grounds, there are trash bins located on the property for you.

15. Auction is conducted with a $125.00 per Vehicle Reserve.

16. We want you have a happy and enjoyable auction day. Thank you

Contact: AMT Auction Marketing Felix Barreras #17102

Phone: 210-376-9267



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