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Trinity Towing
Time: September 15 @ 11:00 am – September 15 @ 2:00 pm

Due to the recent Covid-19 Events, AMT Auction will conduct ONLINE ONLY


Trinity Towing


AMT Auction Marketing, LLC


Online Only Auction




Tuesday September 15th, 2020 Auction starts at 11am

Preview Date/Time

Due to Covid Restrictions by Appointment only Wear Mask Please

Checkout Date/Time

Check out / Payment accepted during and immediately after auction.

We only accept Cash, MasterCard/Visa


Address: 11523 Jones Maltsburger SA TX 78216

Buyer Premium

15% Buyers Premium



Felix Barreras #17102 (210) 376 9267

#PD #KeyRunBattYearMakeModelVINPlate #Color 
1786852LV   2006TOYTSEQUOIA SR55TDZT34A36S2662480White 
2P834435OOS   1991FordAerostar1FMCA11U8MZB38402ZGB288BBlue 
3P835346   2006CHEVTRAILBLAZER LS/LT1GNDS13S462164158KYN8303Gold 
4P835475   2006TOYTAVALON XL/XLS/TOUR4T1BK36B66U133453NDX5024Gold 
5P838421   1997FORDEXPLORER1FMDU32X5VZA22561KYW3856Gold 
6P839484   1992MERCGRAND MARQUIS LS2MECM75WXNX755557DDX4997Gold 
7P839678   2006HYUNElantraKMHDN46D76U240230DJP3412White 
8P841329   1998VOLVS70YV1LS5534W1439903GXH0541White 
9P841571   2001HONDACCORD EXJHMCG56691C012583KYV6151Gold 
10P841629   1999PONTGRAND PRIX SE1G2WJ52K4XF337768LNL6345Green 
11842023LO   2001TOYTCOROLLA CE/LE/S1NXBR12E91Z494037JWC0433Silver 
12842487UC   2007MAZDMAZDA3JM1BK343071645745KYG0594Silver 
13P842662   2002FORDEXPLORER XLT1FMZU63E92UC66131HGC3433Silver 
14P842872OOS   2002CHEVYMALIBU1G1ND52J42M523474Q706701Silver 
15P843209   2003FORDEXPEDITION XLT1FMRU15W43LB17075FKL8339Green 
16P843388   2005MERZC 230K SPORT SEDANWDBRF40J45F685242GPL0298Silver 
17P843424   2003BUICPARK AVENUE1G4CW54K334189725DJH0955Red 
18P843603   2007MERCMILAN3MEHM071X7R660657HTS9292Black 
19843617UC   2005CHEVMALIBU1G1ZS52F55F316667KTM2763Blue 
20P845873   1997TOYTCAMRY CE/LE/XLE4T1BG22K9VU005434DBR6930Gold 
21P847148   2002CHRYPT CRUISER LMT3C8FY68B12T333940DFS1759Red 
22P847569   2001MITSGALANT ES4A3AA46G71E063353JZN5941Gray 
23P847775   2001DODGRAM 15001B7HC16Y81S330570DVN3618Red 
24P848635   2002FORDTAURUS SE1FAFP53U62A172389DL6Y274Silver 
25P848656   2004HONDCIVIC EX1HGEM22994L075495KVK3627Silver 
26P848668   2008SUZISX4 CONVENIENCE/TOURJS2YC415185110572HBM8584Red 
27P848720   2006DODGDAKOTA QUAD SLT1D7HE48N06S653734FBR1969Gray 
28P849410   2004PONTGRAND PRIX GT2G2WP522941283479JNB3254Red 
29P849806   1994FORDECONOLINE E1501FDEE14H5RHA61349HFC6057White 
30P849858   2005HONDACCORD LX1HGCM56475A164891KGV4913White 

Auction Is Free To Attend And Open To The Public
By Registration Or Bidding You Agree Unequivocally And Without Any Exception, To All Of Terms And Conditions, Including Announcements Made Prior To The Auction. You Must Be 18 Years Old To Register and Bid at the Auction.


1. Payment Must Be Made Within 30 Minutes Of Close Of Auction.


And You Be Will Barred From All Future AMT Auctions.

2. BUYER’S PREMIUM: 15% is In Effect for All Items. Example If You Purchase An Item For $100 Add 15% Or $15 For A Total Of $115.00 If Sales Tax Applies Then You Add Tax.

3. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Cash And Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa Only) No Checks. AMT Auction will email your invoice if you are a winning bidder.

Please contact AMT Auction for Credit Card Payment. We will also accept cash payments and credit cards at Trinity Towing 11523 Jones Maltsburger SA TX 78216.

All Sales Are Final and Buyer Hereby Waives Their Rights to Refunds or Credit Card Chargeback’s.

A 8.25% Sales Tax Is Applied To All Non Titled Items.

4. ONSITE INSPECTION DATES: Will be by schedule and recommended before bidding. Please contact Trinity Towing for appointment. The Description For Each Piece Is Believed To Be Accurate. However, Everything Is Sold As-Is Where-Is, Onsite Inspection Is HIGHLY Recommended. AMT Auction Marketing Does Not Make Any Warranties To Condition, Make, Model, Year, Or Descriptions. Buyer Is Solely Responsible For Judgment To Any Purchase Made Or Not Made. All Winning Bids Are Acceptance Of These Terms Written And Announced. Any Conditions Are Provide By Atlas Towing And Not Deemed Verified. It Is The Sole Responsibility Of The Buyer To Inspect Each Item.

Some Vehicles will have a Key Fee. The Key fee will be written on the window of each vehicle. Key Fees Vary.

Each Vehicle will have $32.00 Documentation Fee.

5. Sale Receipts/Paper work: AMT Auction will provide a paid invoice once we have received proper payment. Trinity Towing paperwork will be ready Two Days after the close of each auction. If auction closed on Tuesday, your paperwork can be picked up Thursday. Buyer Will Be Given all Paperwork, To Which, Will Be Made Out Only To The Registered Bidder, Any Changes Must Be Done At Registration Time, Tell The Clerk, And NOT AFTER The Auction. You Have 20 Days To Register Your Purchase. If You Lose Your Paperwork, A $30.00 FEE Will Apply To Each Lost Item and paid to Trinity Towing.

6. Removal Of Items Purchased: All Purchases Must Be Picked Up By Friday 5PM After The Auction.

Buyers Are Required To Remove Purchases Within The Allotted Time. All Purchases Must Be Paid In Full Before Items Will Be Released From The Premises. Buyer Must Provide Their Paid Invoice And I. D. At Time Of Pickup. AMT Auction Marketing Does Not Guard Your Purchases, Before, During Or After The Sale Of The Auction And Is Not Responsible For Theft Of Any Item. This Is Your Responsibility To Watch And Care For Your Purchase.

7. REPRESENTATIONS: All Items Are Being Sold As-Is With No Warranty. Auctioneer Shall Not Be Responsible For Any Incorrect Description, Authenticity, Genuineness Of Or Defect In Any Lot, And Makes No Warranty In Connection Therewith. Auctioneer Makes Every Effort To Provide Accurate Information About The Items Being Sold. Errors May Occur, Either Written Or Verbal. It Is Buyers’ Full Responsibility To Confirm The Accuracy Of Items Offered For Sale. INSPECTION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

8. ALL SALES ARE FINAL: A Successful Bid At Auction, Whether Live Or Online, Constitutes A Legally Binding Contract Of Sale. All Sales Are Final. There Will Be No Refunds, Returns Or Exchanges.

9. FAILURE TO REMOVE PURCHASES: In The Event Items Are Not Removed In The Time Frames Allotted, The Items Purchased Shall Be Deemed Abandoned And Buyer Will Lose Any Right, Title Or Interest Buyer May Have Acquired And The Items Shall Revert To Trinity Towing Without Notice To Buyer. Trinity Towing Reserves The Right To, At Its Discretion, Resell Such Property, Either Private Or At Public Sale. Consider This Your Notice.

10. ACTS OF OTHERS: Persons In Attendance During Inspection, Or Removal Of Merchandise Assume All Risks Of Damage Or Loss To Persons, Property, Or Merchandise And Shall Exercise Proper Precautions At All Times For The Protection Of Persons And Property And Shall Comply With All Safety And Health Requirements As Directed By Auctioneer. Neither Auctioneer, Its Sub-Contractors, Its Agents, Its Employees Or Representatives Shall Be Liable By Reason Of Any Defect In Or About The Condition Of The Premises On Which The Auction Is Held. Buyer Specifically Releases Auctioneer, Its Agents And Representatives From All Liability Thereof.

11. AMT Auction Marketing Is A Licensed Company And Auctioneering Service, Were Are Regulated By The Texas Department Of Licensing And Regulation And Operate Under The State Issued Recover Fund. Any Compliments or Concerns May Be Contacted At

Department of Licensing and Regulation

PO Box 12157

Austin Texas 78711

12. INDEMNIFICATION: Buyer Shall Indemnify, Hold Harmless And Defend Auctioneer, Owners And Building Owners From And Against Any And All Losses, Damages, Liabilities And Claims, Including Attorney Fees, Costs And Expenses Arising Out Of Based Upon Or Resulting From: (1) Failure To Secure All Safety Equipment And To Meet All Applicable Government Safety Standards In Removing Items Purchased Or Used By Buyer, (2) Failure To Comply With Safety Instructions Issued To Buyer From Auctioneer, (3) Any Act Or Omission Of Auctioneer, Owners, Building Owners Or Their Respective Agents, Representatives Or Employees, Relating To Or Affecting The Items Bid On Or Purchased By Buyer, (4) The Claim Of Any Third Party Claiming Or Challenging Title To Any Items Purchased By Buyer Or Claiming Infringement Of Any Proprietary Interest, (5) The Claim Of Any Person Resulting From Auctioneer Offering For Sale Or Selling The Items Purchased By Buyer, (6) Any Injury To Buyer Or Any Other Person Or Property Of Any Type Whatsoever Caused During The Inspection, Dismantling, Removing Or Transporting Of Items Purchased By Buyer.

13. Errors: We Reserve The Sole Right To Settle Any Dispute Or Tie Bids Between Bidders. In The Event Of An Live/Online Error We Reserve The Sole Right To Cancel Any Winning Bid.

14. Housekeeping. Please Do Not Litter Or Leave Trash On The Grounds, There Are Trash Bins Located On The Property For You.

15. Auction Is Conducted With A $200.00 Per Vehicle Reserve.

16. We Want You Have A Happy And Enjoyable Auction Day. Thank You

17. Inventory may change at the will of Trinity Towing or AMT Auction.

Contact: AMT Auction Marketing Felix Barreras #17102
Phone: 210-376-9267