Hidalgo County Court Ordered Vehicle Auction plus County Vehicles

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Hidalgo County
Time: November 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am – November 21, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Due to the recent Covid-19 Events, AMT Auction will conduct ONLINE ONLY

Hidalgo County Court Ordered Vehicle Auction 
plus County Vehicles
AuctioneerAMT Auction Marketing, LLC
TypeWebcast Auction
Date(s)Saturday November 21st, 2020 Website Auction starts at 10am
Preview Date/TimeFriday November 20th from 9 am to 4 pm
Checkout Date/Time

Check out / Payment accepted during and immediately after auction.

We only accept Cash, MasterCard/Visa Invoices emailed after auction.

Location134 86th St, Edinburg, TX 78542
Buyer PremiumNo Buyers Premium!!


Felix Barreras #17102 (210) 376 9267


QTYAsset No. DescriptionVINFundTF No.
1429352005 FORD F-150 PICK UP1FTRX12W95FA3355911002020-004
1431342005 FORD F-150 PICK-UP1FTRF12W55NA5567811002020-004
1333181999 FORD F150 V6. TRUCK1FTZF1723XKA7194011002020-013
1348022000 FORD F-150 SWB u301FTZF1722YKB3093211002020-013
1370872001 FORD F-150 PICK UP u261FTRF17W71NB9820113312020-013
1370882001 FORD F-150 PICK UP u321FTRF17W51NB9820013312020-013
1370892001 FORD F-150 u271FTRF17W21NB9819913312020-013
1425982005 FORD FREESTAR CARGO VAN u362FTZA54665BA5194511002020-013
1456232006 FORD F150 PICK UP u471FTRF12W46NB5796113342020-013
1H012009 MAZDA CAR1YVHP82A295M3623312512020-0304
1699672006 CHRYSLER 3002C3KA43R36H22600212332020-309
1438972002 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER1GNDS13S72237871712232020-309
1562021993 CHEV PICK UP TRUCK16CCS1475P017330411002020-309
1605502008 JEEP PATRIOT1J8FT28W68D66965212232020-309
1634802015 FORD EXPLORER1FM5K8AR9FGB6214913042020-309
1425952005 FORD F350 CREW CAB1FTWW30525EB4863511002020-133
1557382012 CHEV TAHOE BLK W/LH Spotlights1GNLC2E04CR31449213022020-309
1477092008 FORD F150 PICK UP1FTPX14V08FB1666713022020-070
1490702009 CHEV TAHOE1GNEC03049R24333513022020-070
1490722009 CHEVY TAHOE1GNEC03099R24461213022020-070
12020-07082000 BROWN CHEVROLET TRUCK (C-467318-E)1GCGC29R0YF48173512312020-118
12020-07091999 WHITE FORD F-150 (C-1950-19-L)1FTRX17WXXKB9431312312020-118
12020-07102003 BLACK MERCEDES BENZ (C-0950-19-I)WDBRF64JX3F43609112312020-118
12020-07112005 RED CHEVROLET COLORADO (C-1548-19-J1GCCS14815828519712312020-118
12020-07122005 WHITE CHEVROLET IMPALA (C-1692-19-I)2G1WF52E75912252212312020-118
12020-07132008 BLACK SATURN AURA (C-0716-19-C)1G8ZS57N18F13872912312020-118
12020-07142004 BLACK CADILLAC CTS (C-0643-19-E)1G6DM57784017849412312020-118
12020-07152006 WHITE PONTIAC G6 (C-1564-19-B)1G2ZG55856412265012312020-118
12020-07162002 GRAY HONDA CIVIC (C-1338-18-I)1HGEM22982L05528312312020-118
12020-07172004 GRAY NISSAN ARMADA (C-1689-19-I)5N1AA08A44N74488212312020-118
12020-07182014 GRAY CHEVROLET CRUZE (C-2207-19-I)1G1PA5SGXE741561312312020-119
12020-07191999 BLACK CHEVROLET SILVERADO (C-2GCEK19T2X129634812312020-119
12020-07202008 BLACK MERCURY MILAN (C-1186-19C)3MEHM02108R66308812312020-119
12020-07212006 BLUE DODGE CARAVAN (C-1690-19-I)1D4GP45R16B55936912312020-119
12020-07221998 GREEN FORD F-150 (C-2208-19-G)1FTDX176XWKA0368912312020-119
12020-07232008 SILVER CHEVROLET MALIBU (C-317019-D)1G1ZK57798F16640712312020-119
12020-07242014 SILVER CHEVROLET SPARK (C-2848-19-C)KL8CB6S97EC54151812312020-119
12020-07252002 GREEN FORD EXPLORER (C-2714-19F)1FMZU63EX2ZC3425712312020-119
12020-07262005 BROWN CHEVROLET SILVERADO (C-0644-19-F2GCEC13T75133590712312020-119
12020-07272005 GREEN CHEVROLET 1500 (C-1951-19-L)1GCEC19X85Z11619512312020-120
12020-07282006 WHITE FORD FUSION (C-3672-19-J)3FAFP07Z26R20830812312020-126
12020-07292012 BLACK FORD EXPLORER (C-3290-19E)1FMHK7B80CGA9663312312020-126
12020-07302002 GRAY DODGE RAM 1500 (C-3291-19J)3D7HA18N22G14639312312020-126
12020-07312009 WHITE CHEVROLET MALIBU (C-463219-F)1G1ZG57B69F24160512312020-126
12020-07322005 GRAY DODGE RAM 1500 (C-4747-19F)1D7HA18N55J61268912312020-126
12020-07332002 RED CHEVROLET BLAZER (C-4061-19-A)1GNDS13S22246921612312020-126
1527562011 CHEVROLET TAHOE1GNLC2E06BR11843812842020-070
1471252007 FORD F150 REG CAB-PK1FTRF12WX7KD4186812042020-312
1487542009 CHEV SILVERADO PICK-UP1GCHK73699F13214213022020-312
1487552009 CHEV SILVERADO PICK-UP1GCHK73679F13270613022020-312
1491112009 CHEVROLET SILVERADO1GCHC44649F16056813362020-312
1502452009 CHEVY SILVERADO PICK-UP1GCHK43K29F12982313022020-312
1546012011 FORD EXPEDITION1FMJU1F56BEF3682612002020-312
1546022012 CHEV SILVERADO 3500 P/U1GC4CZCG5CF14620712002020-312
1469252007 FORD F-150 PICK UP1FTRF12W37KD1112612142020-312
1469262007 FORD F150 PICK UP1FTRF12W77KD1112812142020-312
1CP4-0012011 WHITE DODGE 25003D7TT2CT9BG63035212312020-315
1CP4-0022006 LINCOLN MARK LT5LTPW16516FJ2363712312020-315
1CP4-0032005 CHEVROLET EQUINOX2CNDL13F25614925812312020-315
1CP4-0042000 CHEVY SILVERADO1GCEC14X13Z13272712312020-315
1523842011 CHEVY SILVERADO CREW CAB3GCPKPEA4BG22469513022020-316
Auction Terms & Conditions
All Bidders are required to wear a mask and social distance per CDC guidelines. We will monitor the crowd to ensure no large groups are present. You must be asked to wait in your vehicle if needed.
AMT Auction Marketing PRESENTS Hidalgo County Court Ordered Auction
Auction Is Free to attend and Open to the Public Notes: By Registering or Bidding You Agree unequivocally and without Any Exception, to all of Terms and Conditions, including Announcements made prior to the Auction. You Must Be 18 Years Old and Register to Attend The Auction.
1. Payments Must Be Made On Saturday, November 21st Before Pick Up. There Will Be NO EXCEPTIONS! Nonpayment Risk Legal Charges Being Filed Against You. And You Be Will Barred From All Future Auctions. Bank Wire Transfers are accepted. Removals are not allowed prior to Payment.
3. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Cash And Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa Only) All Sales Are Final. Buyer Hereby Waives Their Rights To Refunds Or Credit Card Chargebacks. Bank Wire Transfers are accepted. (Please contact auction company prior to bidding)
4. ONSITE INSPECTION DATES: Friday, November 20th before the Auction 900 am. – 4:00 pm.
5. Sale Receipts/Titles Buyer Will Be Given Auction Sales Receipt, To Which, Will Be Made Out Only To The Registered Bidder, Any Changes Must Be Done At Registration Time, Tell The Clerk, And NOT AFTER The Auction. You Have 20 Days To Register Your Purchase. If You Lose Your Paperwork, A $25.00 FEE Will Apply To Each Lost Item.
6. Removal Of Items Purchased: All Purchases Must Be Picked Up By Monday November 23rd,  5 PM.  Buyers Are Required To Remove Purchases Within The Allotted Time. All Purchases Must Be Paid In Full Before Items Will Be Released From The Premises. Buyer Must Provide Their Paid Invoice And Identification. AMT Auction Marketing Does Not Guard Your Purchases, Before, During Or After The Sale Of The Auction And Is Not Responsible For Theft Of Any Item. This Is Your Responsibility To Watch And Care For Your Purchase.
7. REPRESENTATIONS: All Items Are Being Sold As-Is With No Warranty. Auctioneer Shall Not Be Responsible For Any Incorrect Description, Authenticity, Genuineness Of Or Defect In Any Lot, And Makes No Warranty In Connection Therewith. Auctioneer Makes Every Effort To Provide Accurate Information About The Items Being Sold. Errors May Occur, Either Written Or Verbal. It Is Buyers’ Full Responsibility To Confirm The Accuracy Of Items Offered For Sale. INSPECTION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
8. ALL SALES ARE FINAL: A Successful Bid At Auction, Whether Live Or Online, Constitutes A Legally Binding Contract Of Sale. All Sales Are Final. There Will Be No Refunds, Returns Or Exchanges.
9. FAILURE TO REMOVE PURCHASES: In The Event Items Are Not Removed In The Time Frames Allotted, The Items Purchased Shall Be Deemed Abandoned And Buyer Will Lose Any Right, Title Or Interest Buyer May Have Acquired And The Items Shall Revert To Hidalgo County Without Notice To Buyer. Hidalgo County Reserves The Right To, At Its Discretion, Resell Such Property, Either Private Or At Public Sale. Consider This Your Notice.
10. ACTS OF OTHERS: Persons In Attendance During Inspection, Or Removal Of Merchandise Assume All Risks Of Damage Or Loss To Persons, Property, Or Merchandise And Shall Exercise Proper Precautions At All Times For The Protection Of Persons And Property And Shall Comply With All Safety And Health Requirements As Directed By Auctioneer. Neither Auctioneer, Its Sub-Contractors, Its Agents, Its Employees Nor Representatives Shall Be Liable By Reason Of Any Defect In Or About The Condition Of The Premises On Which The Auction Is Held. Buyer Specifically Releases Auctioneer, Its Agents And Representatives From All Liability Thereof.
11. AMT Auction Marketing Is A Licensed Company And Auctioneering Service, Were Are Regulated By The Texas Department Of Licensing And Regulation And Operate Under The State Issued Recovery Fund. Any Compliments or Concerns May Be Contacted At Department of Licensing and Regulation PO Box 12157 Austin Texas 78711
12. INDEMNIFICATION: Buyer Shall Indemnify, Hold Harmless And Defend Auctioneer, Owners And Building Owners From And Against Any And All Losses, Damages, Liabilities And Claims, Including Attorney Fees, Costs And Expenses Arising Out Of Based Upon Or Resulting From: (1) Failure To Secure All Safety Equipment And To Meet All Applicable Government Safety Standards In Removing Items Purchased Or Used By Buyer, (2) Failure To Comply With Safety Instructions Issued To Buyer From Auctioneer, (3) Any Act Or Omission Of Auctioneer, Owners, Building Owners Or Their Respective Agents, Representatives Or Employees, Relating To Or Affecting The Items Bid On Or Purchased By Buyer, (4) The Claim Of Any Third Party Claiming Or Challenging Title To Any Items Purchased By Buyer Or Claiming Infringement Of Any Proprietary Interest, (5) The Claim Of Any Person Resulting From Auctioneer Offering For Sale Or Selling The Items Purchased By Buyer, (6) Any Injury To Buyer Or Any Other Person Or Property Of Any Type Whatsoever Caused During The Inspection, Dismantling, Removing Or Transporting Of Items Purchased By Buyer.
13. Errors: We Reserve The Sole Right To Settle Any Dispute Or Tie Bids Between Bidders.
In The Event Of A Live/Online Error We Reserve The Sole Right To Cancel Any Winning Bid.
14. Housekeeping. Please Do Not Litter Or Leave Trash On The Grounds, There Are Trash Bins Located On The Property For You.
15. Auction Is Conducted With a Reserve.
AMT Auction Marketing Felix Barreras #17102
*Inventory is subject to change*

Felix Barreras
AMT Auction Marketing
(210) 376-9267